Vision, Mission, Goals and Fundamental Approaches of the Islamic Azad University


Mission Statement of the IAU

The central mission of the IAU is to promote and expand knowledge, skills and capabilities of the creative and intelligent individuals in different fields of science and technologies through the enhancement of the quality of academic life. IAU also commits itself to appropriately respond to the educational and research expectations of the society and of its beneficiaries through improving the qualitative aspects of its educational and research services.

As a prestigious and great scientific center at the national and regional levels the IAU is tasked to contribute towards increasing the welfare and economic, social and cultural development of the society and towards production and dissemination of science.

Based on its fundamental values, the IAU is also tasked to endeavor to conserve the Islamic and spiritual identities. Through building up and strengthening of a healthily scientific competition with other academic and research systems and institutions and through offering curricula worthy of the information era the IAU is missioned to fill the widening gap between the modern technologies and the new generations.


Vision Statement






……… Sport Complex:


Including a ………….sq.m  sport hall accommodating 1000 capable of hosting volleyball,

handball, footsal, basketball.The Complex also provides facilities for weightlifting, body-building, archery and combat sports



Guest House:


The Guesthouse including a restaurant   and kitchen occupies over ……. of floor space built over four floors.

Guesthouse is one of the first buildings of Islamic Azad University Miyaneh Branch completed some ten years ago,   




Central Campus